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This analysis is based on socio-economic and demographic landscape of the country.

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Strategies to increase market penetration and product development of malted health and energy drinks are recommended to enhance growth in that segment. Technological improvement is another critical factor for the success of a ing company. New technologies that improve the application of ings along with new product development are the key factors to maintain a competitive edge over the other market participants as the competition is high.

US Account Manager for O’Laughlin Industries Inc.

Indian manufacturers need to focus on the pricing of their products and innovation to remain a step ahead of market trends. They are expected to formulate more non-traditional, non seasonal s that are also compatible with the Indian palate. The future market is expected to look Chart 2. Chart 2 Despite brighter growth prospects even during the economic downturn, the Indian market is still struggling for a greater market share in the global foods industry.

One of the key challenges it faces is the effect of income distribution; the low-income strata is still unable to afford premium food products that use premium food additives. However, the usage of novel s is high in the health foods and beverages segment, which is considered a premium product segment; for which India holds a substantial proportion of target consumers.

Since premium ingredients are used in manufacturing of such products, they are priced quite high making it unaffordable by the low-strata income. Due to the health awareness and the growing concern amongst the consumer, the consumption of cola drinks has seen a dip but it is still the largest off-shelf product. Companies have responded to this concern and have launched non-carbonated juice drinks emphasizing on their health benefits. Instant Noodles and processed foods have shown a substantial growth rate and are the fastest growing convenient food in India.

Gradual growth is observed in dairy sector with number of new launches in the segment especially with ed yoghurts. In the Bakery segment the trends are becoming more focused on health benefits and several new launches were observed in recent months. In totality, the foods segments are opening up and a wider opportunity rests at the epicenter for foods and flavor industry. India overwhelms senses in so many ways, India has a different pace of life, crowds of people visible everywhere, rush of sounds, richness of colors and smells.

Though different part of country will have its own distinctive fragrances but broadly the smell of India can be described as the morning frangipani fragrant from the local temple to the sweet aroma of chai blended with spices overwhelmed by the smell dust, sweat and burning cow dung transcending to captivating smell of wet earth and nature during monsoon to lingering smell of jasmine and sandal incense.

The use of fragrance in India dates back to BC during the Indus valley civilization. The earliest scents known to Indians were the healing scents introduced through Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, the key aim of all fragrances was to purify from negative influences and enhance the spirit. Our people roll up their sleeves to better understand the consumer: from washing laundry in India, to understanding lavatory and hygiene issues in Africa, to market research for fine fragrance trends on the streets of Paris.

Understanding the consumer is central to what we do.

We literally work side-by-side with many of our customers to develop bespoke innovation and breakthrough products. Throughout our long heritage, we have won a number of the most prestigious awards in the business, including from industry bodies, segment categories such as Fine Fragrance, our customers, regulatory and safety bodies, governance and ethics councils as well as corporate social responsibility institutes and sustainability councils.

We value all of these awards because they demonstrate the contribution we deliver to our stakeholders and notably to our customers. Customer intimacy is our hallmark. We believe in the power of collaboration and that includes with our customers.

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At times, we combine our efforts and talents with those of our customers to achieve more. The purpose is to do more than either can do alone. We pursue this in innovation, social responsibility and sustainability programs. Our ingredients, either extracted from nature or created by our scientists, bring taste and originality to every product.

Firmenich was founded in in Geneva, Switzerland, and has remained independent, building on that original entrepreneurial vigor and pioneering spirit. Our independence gives us the freedom to control our destiny and make the right choices.

Perspectives in flavor and fragrance research. - Semantic Scholar

Being a privately-owned company Firmenich has a history of taking risks, which can lead to innovation and breakthroughs. We have often been a frontrunner in the field of discovery because of this entrepreneurial attitude. We encourage this pursuit of innovation at every level of the company, as we know that it is essential to bring the best to our customers. Our role is to provide solutions for our customers and respond rapidly and efficiently to the evolution of consumer needs in varied markets.

This means giving recommendations throughout the development process - even after the product has been delivered. Our independence gives us the freedom to control our destiny. We are a family-owned company, committed to our independence. We take a long-term view of our business and pursue a policy of financial strength, profitable growth and return on assets. We operate in, and across, five continents and employ more than 6, individuals. All together, at last count our employees proudly represented 83 different nationalities, which makes Firmenich a diverse, multinational company with a global perspective.

While our Fundamentals have not changed, as these core values reflect our principles, their expression has been adapted over time to ensure each employee can continue to identify with them and to use them as a guide in their daily professional lives. Sustainability is one of the five pillars of our Fundamentals, which confirms our belief that our sense of individual and collective responsibility ensures our long-term success. Our company was the first in the flavor and fragrance industry to publish an Annual Sustainability report, back in Find out more in our Sustainability Section.

Firmenich is committed to provide to our customers with the highest standards of quality and product safety. In our plants, offices and labs, safety always come first. The protection of our employees is the top priority. In October , Firmenich won the international Robert W.

Bestselling Series

Campbell Award, the highest and most prestigious safety award any organization can achieve globally. Firmenich is committed to behaving ethically and sustainably, to improving the quality of the life of our workforce and their families, as well as of the local community and society at large. Furthermore, we are dedicated to a development program that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Responsible business is anchored in long-term understanding. During Global Community Day every Firmenich employee has the chance to dedicate his or her time to improve the quality of life in their local community across the globe. In we celebrated 10 years of this program and continued to support children, nature and women. Our people are the heart of our Company.

They are recognized for their passion, talent and commitment. Our integrity and sense of individual and collective responsibility ensure our long-term success. The expertise here is very high. Firmenich has a track record for the best fragrances and the best natural materials. I try to put all my emotions into these small bottles. I have reached my goal when our consumers immediately get what I was trying to express. Our partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation enabled us to successfully develop malodor counteracting technologies to help solve a major global sanitation crisis in the developing world.

I always wanted to work at Firmenich as it is considered the best place to work. I joined Firmenich for the ingredients, as it has the best palette in the industry, and I stayed for 25 years for the people. The best part of my job is when I am in front of customers, and I see that sparkle in their eyes as they experience the magic that our fragrance delivery technologies can bring.

I have been lucky to have the opportunity to expand my horizons by working in both Perfumery and Flavors, across our sites in Princeton, Shanghai and Beijing. I work every day with very talented and passionate people. You really feel that passion. We focus on designing food and beverages that are healthier, looking to reduce sugar, salt and fat, so we can have a positive impact on consumers' lives. We manage happiness through the fragrances and flavors we develop. We put a lot of thought and effort into creating a better world.

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This really is a company that is looking to break boundaries and take its legacy forward. Once you find your team and your place in this company, it becomes like your own family.

Flavours and Fragrances Expo 2017

And you want to succeed, not just for yourself, but for your team, for your family and for Firmenich as a company.