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We know now that throughout the war and until his escape in November - a few steps ahead of the Gestapo - he conveyed to the Allies essential information about the V-1 and V-2 rockets and about Hitler's surprise attacks on Eastern Europe. He was not an agent and never accepted a penny for his services.

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He was a patriot who knew Hitler had to be overthrown by any possible means so that Germany could survive. Until his dying day, 20 years ago, Mr. Schulte took great care to obliterate his traces. He had risked his life many times over to help Hitler's victims, but in his view he had only done his duty and no great fuss was to be made about it.

After the war, a great many people staked claims to acts of heroism that they had never committed. Schulte belonged to a very small group who had been real heroes but did not want it to become known. His sacrifices met with neither recognition nor gratitude, and the postwar epilogue to the Schulte affair was a tragicomedy, more tragic, alas, than comic. In the first years after the war, he was a candidate for a high position in the new West German Government - Chancellor, perhaps, or minister of economics. But things went badly from the start.

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At a time when many Nazi collaborators were being restored to positions of power and influence, some overzeal-ous bureaucrats in the American military government in Germany persuaded themselves that Mr. Schulte was a suspect character. The trouble started with the discovery of a letter, written by him to the Nazi Ministry of the Economy, that closed with the salutation ''Heil Hitler. But that was only the beginning. There, he vaults a puppet king, Finneas Vilmar, to the throne, attaining full political control of the undead lands.

From there, he begins his plan to conquer the rest of the continent. Some time later, amidst the war against the undead, the heroes Gem, Gelu, Yog and Crag Hack band together to combat the threat. They arrange to meet at the plains of Bragden, but are ambushed by Sandro himself and forced to flee.

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As they regroup, Yog recalls a task he performed earlier of dispensing the components of the Angelic Alliance, a mighty sword. The team of heroes decide to seek out the pieces of the sword and reassemble it. Succeeding, they push onward into Deyja, eventually cornering Sandro and defeating him.

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The heroes once again disperse the pieces of the necromantic artifacts as they part ways. A final bonus campaign features Sandro after his defeat. The necromancer plots a second invasion, this time aimed squarely at Erathia. With the help of Lord Haart, he has King Nicolas Gryphonheart poisoned, and forms an alliance between Deyja, the Kreegans and Nighon against the human lands. The Shadow of Death was received fairly warmly by critics, with mostly positive reviews. It was praised for its map editor improvements and the fact that it did not require the base game to be installed, but it was criticised for its lack of new content outside of the single-player game.

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His wife Anne, a writer and his co-pilot since their marriage, has miscarried their seventh child and is suffering from bouts of depression. The hostility of the general public is a miserable echo of the inner conflict Anne is suffering, the insecurity she feels about her motives and intentions. It shot to the top of the bestseller list on publication and remained there for another 80 weeks.

In its 50th edition, it has now sold more than 7 million copies worldwide. But in Anne was still far from the wisdom that book would contain.


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The serene, insightful perspective Anne would eventually find had to be spun from a marriage that was supremely tested. Anne quickly agreed and then suffered all kinds of doubts. How would it be possible to turn down the famous Lone Eagle, Lucky Lindy? The man whose aviation triumph had occasioned four days of festivities in New York and netted him eighteen medals in a single week? I want to do the things other people write about! Still, he dazzled her and she found she loved to fly.

Lindbergh spent the early part of his career trying to evade his adoring public and failing. The birth of their first child was front-page news across the world. The hype and the frenzy that surrounded the Lindberghs seemed bound to end in catastrophe sooner or later, and it turned out to be sooner. This was the darkest year of the Depression. For ten painful weeks, Charles Lindbergh headed the search for his son. He sprang into action as any hero might, or as any desperate father would.

He was willing to work alongside dubious contacts claiming access to the criminal underworld. He paid the ransom in full. Twice he found himself on wild goose chases, trying to track down boats on which the baby was supposed to be hidden. The police sometimes deplored his methods but it was common practice for families to negotiate with kidnappers.

Anne distanced herself from the search, staying in her room with her mother and sister, trying to maintain the bubble of hope in which her son would be returned safely. She abhorred the publicity, believing the newspapers were responsible for preventing the kidnappers from getting in touch, but Charles hoped that they might provide a vital lead. Some radio stations were broadcasting bulletins day and night, and the story had knocked all other news off the front page.

The decomposing body of their child was finally discovered, by chance, in a shallow grave only a few miles from their property. The baby had probably been killed only hours after he had been taken.

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This final, gruesome invasion of privacy was almost too much for Charles, who felt humiliated and horrified by his inability to protect his son, alive or dead. The Lindberghs emerged from this tragedy with devastating wounds. Charles had tucked away into the inner sanctum of his brain a deep and abiding hatred towards not just the media, but also the lower reaches of American society, exemplified by the unemployed immigrant carpenter, Richard Hauptmann, who had been sent to the electric chair for the murder of their son.

Before the kidnapping, Lindbergh had begun work with Dr Alexis Carrel, a Nobel-prize winning surgeon and biologist. At first they were working on designs for revolutionary medical equipment, but Carrel was growing ever more interested in eugenics and Lindbergh would prove a willing convert. Anne was due to give birth and already anonymous death threats had started against her unborn child.

The Lindberghs stuck it out in America until when their son, Jon, was three. From this point onwards he was convinced a war with Germany would end in disaster; he believed the nation was too strong to be beaten. Anne was slower to be won over, and not just because she had been systematically ignored on their trip. He had encouraged her to exceptional achievement, but he was the one person she lacked the confidence to stand against.